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Lead the digital innovation with our strategic help by leveraging key industry relationships. We cooperate with industry leaders in entrepreneurship and foster healthy, stable growth.

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Why us?

We offer tailored support for every kind of blockchain project. We believe blockchain technology is key to the future of finance and it is our foremost goal to act as a catalyst for innovation.


Strategic Partner

We provide strategic planning, financial support, R&D and tailored advice to help reach your potential by leveraging key industry relationships.


Marketing & Advisory

We help bring the spotlight to your project. Our team is specialized in generating interest and engagement around innovative projects.


Sustainable Growth

We act as a catalyst for your innovative project while ensuring their healthy development in a fragile ecosystem.

About Us

Who are we?
We are a blockchain investment firm that seeks to help blockchain-based projects to reach their potential strategically through planning, funding, leveraging business relationships and marketing.
What we want to accomplish
We believe that through smart strategic planning, flexible funding plans, and unique advice, we can act as a catalyst for innovation and help blockchain projects to thrive in a fragile ecosystem.
How we do it
With the help of our experienced team and our industry contacts, we take take your project to the next level and help you achieve yours goals. The future doesn’t just happen, it is built by visionaries who know how to choose the right people around them.

Projects is one of our projects in the industry to showcase latest industry news, exchange reviews, crypto guides, exclusive AMAs and in-depth reports on projects.

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We’re currently seeking new team members in the following roles:

Job Responsibilities:
  • Draft and publish cryptocurrency market reports once per week
  • Stay up to date concerning market trends, risks and opportunities, new projects
  • Develop pilot reports on upcoming projects in the blockchain space evaluating applicability, performance and scalability
  • Collect data and conduct analysis to present meaningful market findings, insights, and commentary both for internal and external purposes 
  • Presenting market findings and making recommendations to leadership


Job Responsibilities:
  • Implement and design smart contracts for decentralized trading protocols on Ethereum
  • Develop high-quality code that is maintainable, performant and accessible
  • Identify bottlenecks and bugs and devise solutions to these problems
  • Solidity, Typescript, Rails, Javascript, Web3
  • 1-3 years of experience with Solidity
  • Prior experience deploying complex smart contract systems to the Ethereum mainnet
  • Passionate about Blockchain and continually keep at the forefront of cryptocurrency & DeFi